Dorfmuseum Dierscheid

Dorfmuseum Dierscheid


You can see the tools of typical trades that were once found in the village, such as cartwright, carpenter, farrier and locksmith, as well as tools used in agriculture and the peasant household. Very special exhibits reveal a collection of fossils, Roman finds from the source sanctuary Viktoriaquelle and a coin collection from the 4th century, relics of old water pipes made of wood (demonstrably dated 1645) and lead, as well as the documentation of the water supply for the castle of Count Kesselstatt in Dodenburg, which began on Kellerberg near Dierscheid.

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Opening hours

  • Vom May 17th bis December 31st
    11:00 - 12:00 Uhr

May - October

11 am - 12 am

Other dates are possible by arrangement with the local mayor.




Dorfmuseum Dierscheid
Karl Kaufmann Weg 37
54523 Dierscheid
Phone: (0049) 6508 / 91 99 66

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