Justizvollzugsmuseum Wittlich

Justizvollzugsmuseum Wittlich


"We'd like to go to jail," is a wish that employees of the correctional facility often hear from respectable citizens. The curiosity about what happens behind bars is great. But for security reasons and to protect the personal rights of the prisoners, a visit out of curiosity is taboo. The "Prison Museum" in Wittlich is an exception. Here, the public is given an impression of what the daily routine in prison is like. The idea for the museum was championed by former Justice Minister Peter Caesar, and it opened in 1999. Anyone can call, make an appointment and visit the museum, guided tours are also available. Between 200 and 250 visitors come each year, mostly school classes or confirmands. Individual visits are rather rare. There are about ten a year. These visitors often have a connection to the justice system: either they themselves once worked in prison or they collect objects from this area, such as caps or uniforms. Entries in the guest book document that the visitors are impressed by what they get to see. One tenth-grader writes in it, "Very informative, immaculate, and at times frightening." And what exactly is there to see in Rhineland-Palatinate's only "prison museum"? Among other things, display boards that provide information about changes in regulations and punishments. Whereas in 1835, for example, the punishment for a misdemeanor was "deprivation of meat and beer on public holidays," today it is restrictions on shopping. A reconstructed workplace illustrates the sometimes monotonous work that prisoners can perform, such as unpacking screws. The detention cells with original equipment from lamps to toilets are also interesting. They show what a prison cell used to look like and what it looks like today. Swallowed objects and illicitly made knives and dummy pistols of prisoners complete the collection. Panels also provide information about the development of Wittlich Prison, locations in Rhineland-Palatinate, personnel and administration. More could be displayed, but space is limited to 80 square meters. Contact: Prison Museum, opening hours by appointment at 06571/9961717. Admission is free.

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Opening hours

  • From January 1st to December 31st

The contact person is Dr. Vornholt; she can be reached at the telephone number 06571-9961717.




Justizvollzugsmuseum Wittlich
Trierer Landstrasse 20
54516 Wittlich
Phone: (0049) 6571 9961717

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