Erlebnismuseum Münstermaifeld

Erlebnismuseum Münstermaifeld


Over 20,000 exhibits provide a detailed insight to life in the Maifeld in the 19th and early 20th century. Whether it's the ladies hat shop, the grocery shop, or the shoemakers', saddle makers', cart-wrights' or tailors' workshops - they all look as if their owner has only just left.
On a walk around Münstermaifeld there is even more to discover: a Jewish butcher's shop in the traditional art nouveau design that was closed in 1937 has been renovated in its original configuration. All of these treasures have been gathered and presented by Wilhelm Kirchesch who provides expert guidance through his exhibition.

You can pre-visit the Museum right here online, using our 3D-Tour!

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Opening hours

    1st April until 31st October
    Wednesday to Sunday and an public holidays from 2pm until 5pm and according to arrangement




    Heimat- und Erlebnismuseum
    Münsterplatz 4
    56294 Münstermaifeld


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