Burg Olbrück

Burg Olbrück


The castle invites you to travel back in time through thousands of years of exciting geological and cultural history!

Olbrück Castle is located in the middle of the magnificent volcanic area of the Eifel.
The geological dimension of volcanism and the cultural-historical dimension of the Middle Ages collide here directly and become tangible at Olbrück Castle!

On a romantic tour around the ruins you will experience - guided through the various narrative stations - formative developments in our history and thus reach the age of the creation of this medieval castle.
After all, the lord of the castle awaits you in the imposing keep, who thinks about creation and the worldview ... The tour, which is both exciting and informative for children and adults, uses professional audiovisual technology.
Experience history up close and "grasp" it: You will encounter exhibits you can touch, immerse yourself in a world of exciting stories with musical accompaniment and impressive light projection in the vaults of the keep. This makes the tour an unforgettable experience that leads up to the tower's plateau and offers a spectacular view of the Vulkaneifel.

 A visit that invites you to come back!

Note: The castle grounds are accessible to visitors free of charge.

Castle tours:

  • every first Sunday of the month (April to October)
  • Meeting point: 2:00 p.m. on the playground on the castle grounds
  • Cost: 5.00 EUR for adults and 2.50 EUR for children
  • Duration: up to 2 hours

Further information: Tourist information Vulkanregion Laacher See

Tel. 02636 - 19433



On request, we are happy to open the castle gates for groups outside of our regular opening times.

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Opening hours

  • Vom November 1st bis March 31st




Burg Olbrück
56651 Niederdürenbach
Phone: (0049) 2636 19433


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