Altes Gefängnis mit Heimatmuseum

Altes Gefängnis mit Heimatmuseum


One building has weathered all storms of the past centuries because it was used by all authorities - the Old Prison. In Kaisersesch, the only prison of the electorate of Trier still stands between Trier and Koblenz. The Old Prison, locally known as "Prison" or "Bullesje", has since been refurbished and today houses a museum of local history on the first floor. The museum is impressive, featuring many exhibits from the past of the city of Kaisersesch. Under the direction of Matthias Schnitzler, a wonderful array of rarities and curiosities has been created. Even if you already know the museum, it is still worth a visit, because the exhibition is constantly changing. The museum of local history houses objects that document life in a small town in the Eifel mountains, primarily dating from the early 20th century through the post-war period to the 1960s. The collection includes household objects, as well as tools of various trades and technical equipment such as typewriters, teletype devices and printing presses. A special highlight is the small "Cafe hinter Gittern" ("Café behind bars") - in the summer months it is open every first Sunday of the month. Admission is free. Traditional events such as the spring festival, the fair, the autumn market or the Christmas market also attract many visitors, when there are special operating hours.

Every first Friday of the month, night watchman Matthias Schnitzler sets out on his nightly walk through the town from the historic Prison. Along with the participants of the guided city walk, as well as some registered groups, there are up to 500 visitors a year who are interested in "things from the past". Experience times long past here in Kaisersesch and enjoy coffee and cake while you let the historical ambience move you.

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Opening hours

  • From February 4th to February 4th
    2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • From March 3rd to March 3rd
    2:00 PM - 5:00 PM




Förderverein Heimatmuseum Prison e.V.
Burgstraße 1
56759 Kaisersesch
Phone: (0049) 2653 6545

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