Achtsamkeitspunkt 2 "Erfrischung und Stärkung"


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"Get to know water properly and it will always be a reliable friend to you," said Father Kneipp.

Water has a healing and a preventive effect on the entire organism. Today we know: Water is pure nature, a source of energy and the purest beauty elixir. The effect of water is as simple as it is ingenious: it stimulates!

After the first Kneipp refreshment, we head downhill to the Kleine Kyll.

The water treading pool is in operation from around May to October.

The next mindfulness point is the Marienhütte. Walk to the Heidsmühle and then downstream on the left side of the Kleine Kyll.




Achtsamkeitspfad Kleine Kyll
Mosenbergstr. 22
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049) 6592 951370

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