Glaubersalzthermalquelle/ Bergquelle Bad Bertrich

Glaubersalzthermalquelle/ Bergquelle Bad Bertrich

Bad Bertrich

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The Bad Bertrich "Bergquelle" is an healing spring. The mineral water rises to the earth's surface from a volcanic fracture at a depth of over 2,300 metres.
The total mineralisation and the natural outlet temperature make the Bad Bertrich healing water the "only Glauber salt thermal spring in Germany, 32°C naturally warm". The healing spring was recognised by the Romans around 2,000 years ago and was expertly secured and preserved.

Its healing properties have made it a recognised healing water. Drinking and bathing cures under supervision are offered in Bad Bertrich with great success. The total mineralisation is approx. 2,479 mg/l. It is a sodium hydrogen carbonate sulphate thermal spring, also called Glauber's salt thermal spring.
The 32 ° warm healing water can be taken from the fountain in the health resort garden, in limited quantities it is recommended before meals. The drinking fountain at the health resort garden is open daily during opening hours.

Outside, larger quantities can be taken from the Lion's Head Fountain on the wall of the Fürstenhof. The withdrawal is limited to mornings.

Further information and exact withdrawal times can be found on site and in the flyer "Kleine Quellenkunde" as well as in the brochure: "Dreese - Mineralwasser- und Kohlensäurequellen der Vulkaneifel".

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Bad Bertrich


Glaubersalzthermalquelle/Bergquelle Bad Bertrich
Kurgarten - Kurfürstenstr. 32a
56864 Bad Bertrich
Phone: (0049) 2674-932222

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