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Wandern durch die hügelige Landschaft der Eifel, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

Eifel hiking trails


The uplands between Aachen, Cologne, Koblenz and Trier are of interest for their varied landscape and cultural history. They offer the ideal setting for a hiking holiday.
Breathtaking natural landscapes are waiting to be discovered on a hiking tour of the Eifel! Visit the ancient beech and oak forest in the Eifel National Park, the high moorlands of the “Hohes Venn - Eifel” high fen natural park, the enormous reservoirs in the North Rhine-Westphalian Eifel region, the maars in the Volcanic Eifel natural  and geopark, the fertile “Bitburger Gutland” with its orchards, the wild, craggy rocky landscape of the Ferschweiler plateau and the wide open plateaux of the wild Islek region in the South Eifel natural park, or the East Eifel, once covered by glowing lava and still dominated today by volcanic cones and crater lakes. 

It’s well worth stopping along the way to visit the picturesque Eifel towns with historic town centres, half-timbered houses dating from the Middle Ages, Roman walls, rugged castles and splendid palaces. Another special experience for hiking enthusiasts!
The Eifel has many facets, and it’s worth considering hiking routes through both North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate. A large number of trails are available to choose from when planning your tour.


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AhrSteig Wegestrecke Schuld, © Ahrtaltourismus e.V.

AhrSteig Stage 3: Aremberg-Insul

Lenght: 19.4 km
Route: Aremberg to Insul
Difficulty: difficult

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AhrSteig Wanderer, © Ahrtaltourismus e.V.

AhrSteig Stage 4: Insul-Kreuzberg

Lenght: 17.4 km
Route: Insul to Kreuzberg
Difficulty: difficult

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Hocheifel-2022-051-Nürburg, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH,D.Ketz

Circular route | kleine Burgrunde

Lenght: 0.9 km
Route: 53520 Nürburg | Burgplatz 1 to 53520 Nürburg | Burgplatz 1
Difficulty: easy

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Wanderweg Inderoute: Brücke an der Inde, © aachen tourist service


Lenght: 6.2 km
Route: Aachen-Brand to Kornelimünster
Difficulty: easy

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09-aussicht-vicht-richtung-eifel-c-dieter-gier, © Dieter Gier


Lenght: 13.6 km
Difficulty: medium

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field path Fusenich, © Nicole Zimmer

Trierweiler - Fusenig 5

Lenght: 6.6 km
Route: Town Hall Fusenich to Town Hall Fusenich
Difficulty: easy

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Bach-Pfad im NaturWanderPark delux, Ernst-Brücke über den Alfbach, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Stream Trail

Lenght: 14 km
Route: Wanderparkplatz Bleialf to Wanderparkplatz Bleialf
Difficulty: easy

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Spaß am Wasser der Prüm auf der Stausee-Prümtalroute, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz


Lenght: 17 km
Route: Biersdorf am See to Biersdorf am See
Difficulty: medium

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Naturnahes Erlebnis bei Plütscheid, © Volker Teuschler

Naturpark Südeifel hiking trail no. 21 - Plutscheid

Lenght: 18.2 km
Route: Plütscheid to Plütscheid
Difficulty: difficult

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Weinfelder und Schalkenmehrener Maar, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Eifelsteig Stage 11

Lenght: 23.4 km
Route: Daun to Manderscheid
Difficulty: difficult

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Wandern durch wilde Narzissenwiesen in der Eifel, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

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