Schwimmen und Baden Eifel: Sprung ins Naturfreibad Einruhr, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH/D. Ketz

Swimming and bathing

Lidos and bathing lakes

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Whether you prefer a swimming pool or a bathing lake, during the summer, the Eifel offers many opportunities for taking a swim and cooling down.
As well as places to swim in the many bathing lakes and open-air swimming pools, swimming the maars in the Eifel is a very special experience.

Freibad Manderscheid

Freibad Manderscheid


The Manderscheid family outdoor pool is located on the edge of the Liesertal with plenty of attractions, such as a wide water slide, a jumping facility, a baby and toddler pool and a large lawn with play areas. Registration necessary.

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Cascade Erlebnisbecken, © Cascade

Cascade water park with sauna world


In winter or summer, in the CASCADE adventure pool with SAUNA WORLD neither weather nor season matter. You can relax here all year round and enjoy an active day of fun.

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Naturerlebnisbad in Einruhr, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH / D. Ketz

Einruhr nature experience pool


Swimming in harmony with nature and a unique panoramic view.


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Freibad Waxweiler, © VG Arzfeld

Freibad Waxweiler


The outdoor pool is in a wonderful location in the Prümtal. A generously sized lawn ensures relaxing hours.

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Freilinger see

Freilinger See


Lake Freilingen, embedded in the beautiful landscape of the Eifel, offers relaxation, cooling and fun in the midst of the local nature -  and all this with the highest water quality…

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Blick auf das Schalkenmehrener Maar

Schalkenmehren maar nature pool


The Schalkenmehren maar is the largest of the three Daun maars. Here, you can not only enjoy nature and the fresh air during your walk, but can also cool off in the maar. You also have the option of fishing and exploring the maar by boat.

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Badesee Echtz, © WIN.DN GmbH

Badesee Echtz


At Echtz Bathing Lake, you can try your hand at all kinds of water sports, including sailing, boating, fishing and diving (www. duerener-unterwasserclub. de).

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Freibadsaisaon, © Marzi InterMedia



The pool of Mayen has an indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor pool was renovated and redesigned in 2005.

The large lawn for sunbathing has 3 plains.


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Wiese Rurseezentrum, © Rursee-Touristik GmbH



The 'Rurseezentrum' offers attractive leisure fun.

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Luftaufnahme Freibad und Campingplatz, © Freibad Echternacherbrück

Freibad Echternacherbrück


The campsite with its own outdoor swimming pool an sunbathing area, with snack bar is nicely situated on the riverbank and ranges 1000 metres along the Sauer.

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