Ausstellung "Wetter, Klima, Mensch"


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In the weather park on the almost 700 meter high White Stone in the Eifel, there are insights into the weather, climate and people. In the exhibition hall you can find out how various weather phenomena such as thunderstorms or hurricanes arise. In the outdoor area, for example, over 30 boards explain the functions of the weather station and its instruments, there is a microclimate path and you can test for yourself how you perceive temperatures. In the phenological garden and on our clocks you can follow the development of the plants this year and in the farmer's rule garden we explain the most important farmer's rules and their hit rates.



Am Weißer Stein 29
53940 Hellenthal
Phone: (0049) 228 9767971

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Unterwegs in Kronenburg, © EIfel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz


The castle ruin and fortified settlement of Kronenburg Kronenburg Castle was one of the characteristic medieval hill-castles of the Eifel built on the spur of a ridge in the Upper Kyll Valley. The self-contained impression of the castle ruin, outer bailey and fortified settlement and their adaptation to the topography make the special charm of this site. Kronenburg was first mentioned in a charter of the Abbey Stablo Malmedy in 1277. Today the locality is a touristic attraction in the Upper Kyll Valley.