Astropeiler Stockert – Historische Radiosternwarte

Astropeiler Stockert – Historische Radiosternwarte

Bad Münstereifel

On the Stockert, a mountain near Bad Münstereifel, stands a technical monument: the Astropeiler, the first freely movable radio telescope in Germany. Together with a small 10m mirror, the Astropeiler forms the Stockert radio observatory. Dating from the late 1950s, the facility is a unique piece of German scientific history. the facility is owned by the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation and is maintained and operated by Astropeiler Stockert e.V.

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Opening hours

  • From May 1st to October 31st
    2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Bad Münstereifel


Astropeiler – Historische Radiosternwarte
Astropeiler Stockert 2-4
53902 Bad Münstereifel
Phone: (0049) 2253 544030

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