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Water treading in Einruhr

The ultimate freshness kick after hiking or cycling - if you want to do something good for your tired and heavy legs, a walk through the cold water of the treading pool in Einruhr will help. The fresh water is not only effective against fatigue, but also has a whole range of positive features for health:

- stimulates the circulation
- promotes blood circulation
- strengthens the veins
- helps against varicose veins
- works against sore legs
- promotes sleep when used in the evening
- helps with migraines
- stimulates the metabolism
- strengthens the immune system
- has a vegetative stabilising effect

The water treading pool is located at the edge of Einruhr and can be reached via the field path from the crossing Franz-Becker-Straße / Römerstraße. From May to September the pool is accessible daily and filled with fresh water.

Note: treading water should be avoided with urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder diseases, abdominal infections and severe arterial circulation disorders. Caution should also be exercised during menstruation.




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