Kurse für die Seele

Kurse für die Seele


Anti-stress training
Day seminar / workshop - the right handling of stress - recognize stress factors early and develop positive strategies.
Solution and relaxation techniques are taught and learned in the seminar. Groups / clubs / companies / individuals

Burnout what now?
Seminar and workshop approx. 2-4 hours. Learn techniques and suggested solutions. Groups / clubs / companies

Burnout prevention
One-day seminar / workshop - recognize stress at an early stage and develop solutions. Techniques and support for dealing with overload at work or in private areas of life. Groups / companies / clubs / individuals
Power of thought
Lecture approx. 2 hours with practical exercises - How our thinking influences our health and our everyday life. Groups / companies / clubs / individuals

Lecture approx. 2 hours with practical exercises. What is hypnosis and what is it not? What possibilities does modern hypnosis offer?
Groups / companies / clubs / individuals

Mindfulness and Tipi evening
Discussion with practical exercises approx. 2.5 hours. Relax in the tipi and escape the stress.
Groups / companies / clubs / individuals

Solution-oriented hiking
Hike about 2-4 hours. Nature and hiking as positive stimuli for health and a happy life. Get in touch during the hike in order to find personal solutions and strategies together. Groups / individuals

Spiritual hiking
Hike about 2-4 hours. Mind, body and soul form a unit. The soul is the spiritual part in us that connects us with God. How can spirituality positively affect my health and my life?!
Groups / companies / clubs / individuals

Naturopathy and psychological advice,
Trainings, seminars, workshops, Acupuncture, homeopathy, kinesiology, autogenic training, relaxation techniques, med. Massage, hypnotherapy
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Opening hours

  • Vom August 1st bis December 31st
    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

    00:00 - 23:59 Uhr




Fuhrtstraße 3
52152 Simmerath-Rollesbroich
Phone: (0049) 2473-931213

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