Töpferei Serocka

Töpferei Serocka


Pottery Serocka
The pottery workshop was founded in 1978 on a former farm,
in the small village of Köttelbach, at the foot of the Hochkelberg (675 m in the volcanic Eifel).
Rainer Serocka learned how to work with clay early in his parents' workshop.
His wife Christine Serocka also showed a big interest in pottery quite early and learned the craft, and earned her master's degree.
The peace and quiet in the workshop, allows the ceramisits,
to give their work a balanced form. The result is very thin-walled
tableware, vases, bowls and other products, which are shaped individually on the potter`s wheel. The quality and usabillity has a high priority,
which, however, does not stand in the way of an artistic design of individual pieces.

The mostly glossy coloured glazes are applied with a special technique. The glaze recipes are guarded as a family secret.
Each vessel is fired twice in an electric kiln.
The first firing strengthens the body, the second gives the products their beautiful shiny glaze, which gives the pieces their special character.
Interested visitors can also watch the potters at work
looking over their shoulder. This will show you how many individual work steps are necessary until even well trained hands finish such individual products.
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    Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
    Saturday:            10:00 - 13:00 Uhr
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    Töpferei Serocka

    Zum Hochkelberg 34
    53539 Kelberg-Köttelbach
    Phone: (0049)2692 8865
    Fax: (0049)

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