Pfarrkirche St.Johannes der Täufer

Pfarrkirche St.Johannes der Täufer


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The parish church is located in the middle of the village on a ledge on the main road. Its history is extraordinary, as a church in Waxweiler can be assumed as early as 728, when St. According to legend, Willibrord preached there on a missionary trip through the West Eifel. The church was first mentioned in a document in 943 in the “Golden Book” of the Prüm Abbey. In 1232 it was incorporated into the Prüm Abbey. A letter of indulgence from 1493 certifies a Gothic church. This suffered great damage in the following years and was restored in the Baroque era in 1771. Some of the original equipment from that time is still preserved today. A commemorative plaque commemorates the work of Dean Gerhard Faber and his study foundation, which was decreed by will in 1703 and established after his death in 1710. Various extensions and alterations were made in the 20s and 70s, with the choir room being moved to a different location several times. After a fire partially destroyed the church in 2004, it has shone in new splendor since it reopened in 2006. The old cove ceiling of approx. 500 m² was restored and decorated with a neo-baroque painting. The parish church is a stage destination for many pilgrims to St. James and is often visited for prayer.

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    Kath. Pfarramt
    Bahnhofstr. 6
    54649 Waxweiler
    Phone: (0049) 6554 313
    Fax: (0049) 6554 1060

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