Naturpark Südeifel

Naturpark Südeifel


The South Eifel Nature Park is a large protected area that extends over an area of 432 square kilometers and has around 30,000 inhabitants. It combines the protection and use of nature and the landscape and preserves the opportunity to preserve the typical landscapes of the southern Eifel in their particularity and to make them sustainable. At the same time, it creates attractive recreational opportunities and tourist offers for the people of the region and their visitors.

If you want to visit the South Eifel Nature Park, you should take plenty of time: time to relax, time for sporting activities, time for culinary experiences, time to marvel at the unique nature. Mysterious rock landscapes, picturesque river valleys, extensive forests, cozy Eifel villages and legendary witnesses of days long gone make a visit to the South Eifel Nature Park a very special experience. It is a large protected area, which is particularly suitable for an intensive experience of nature because of its scenic diversity and the associated richness of species of the flora and fauna that are at home here.

The Südeifel Nature Park was founded in 1958, making it the oldest nature park in Rhineland-Palatinate and the second oldest in Germany. Together with the Our Nature Park, it forms the first national nature park in Europe: the German-Luxembourg Nature Park. In the historically grown landscape of the South Eifel Nature Park, numerous rare animal and plant species find the space they need to live. Gentle agriculture and forestry and targeted maintenance measures are the prerequisites for maintaining the characteristic landscapes in their diversity of habitats.

Its basic concept is protection through use in good and close cooperation with agriculture and forestry, municipalities, trade, tourism and, last but not least, nature.

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The South Eifel Nature Park is freely accessible.




Zweckverband Naturpark Südeifel
Ewerhartstr. 14
54666 Irrel
Phone: +49 6525 7926130

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