oven and iron museum

oven and iron museum


The museum is closed due to the storm on 19.05.2024

There are places where you can travel back in time. One such place - with a very special charm - is the Stove and Iron Museum in Hüttingen.

Since 2002, the focus of the Lukas family's private local history museum has been on stoves and iron. A collection of "cast-iron stoves" documents stove construction from the 16th to the 20th century.

However, the museum is not only home to stoves and iron, but also many thousands of rarities and unique artefacts from other areas. More than 200 different cast-iron stoves and 40,000 exhibits, such as clock plates, scales and weights, waffle irons and host irons, chimney saws, irons, wall and grandfather clocks, gramophones and much, much more are now on display in an exhibition area of approx. 500 m². Here you can immerse yourself in fond memories from times gone by. Nostalgia - a longing for the old days - can be felt in every room of the museum.

The exhibition was expanded in 2016 and there is now also a ground-level and barrier-free area.

Hot tip:

Stop off at the museum café "Ofenstube" - they serve delicious waffles!

Further information at www.ofen-und-eisenmuseum.de

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Ofen- und Eisenmuseum
Am Römerberg 10
54675 Hüttingen
Phone: (0049) 6566 8542

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