Naturpark Hohes Venn - Eifel

Naturpark Hohes Venn - Eifel


In the German-Belgian nature park Hohes Venn - Eifel, visitors experience a wide variety of landscapes, such as raised bogs, limestone basins and other natural beauties. The diverse Floria is just as impressive as geological features. Characteristic landscape features for the region are forest areas, picturesque lakes and rivers as well as extensive mountain heights. Due to different landscape elements, the nature park can be divided into 6 landscape zones • Venn foreland • High Fens • Hocheifel • Kalkeifel • Our valley • Rureifel In this context, the Aachen city region touches on three of the above-mentioned natural areas: Vennvorland, Hohes Venn and Rureifel. The Vennvorland (Roetgen), which is characterized by dairy farming and forests, extends to the north of the nature park. Gently undulating hills and wide green areas with dairy cattle give the foothills of the Fens an idyllic character and are ideal for hikers and cyclists. The neighboring High Fens (Roetgen, Simmerath, Monschau) is a high moor area that is unique in Europe. Regardless of the season, the high moor fascinates with its diverse plant species. It is colorful in spring and summer, while in winter the gnarled birch trees with their bizarre silhouettes create an eerily beautiful atmosphere. There are numerous designated hiking routes - some on fixed nature trails, but also some wooden walkways lead through this unique natural landscape. Some rules have to be observed, for example one may not enter designated zones for the protection of rare animals without a naturalist There are a total of four zones for access authorization: Zone A comprises the area that is freely accessible to hikers. Zone B is the area that visitors can freely walk on on marked paths. Zone C, on the other hand, may only be entered in the company of a recognized nature guide, while Zone D is completely closed to all visitors. Dogs must be leashed in all zones. Red flags indicate potential sources of danger or temporary closures. In the east of the High Fens the Rureifel (Simmerath, Monschau) joins with large forests and the deeply cut Rur valley. If you explore the Rureifel, you will surely notice three landscape elements that are characteristic: the valley cut deep by the Rur, the numerous dams with their enormous drinking and industrial water supplies and the extensive forests. With the protected stream valleys of the Rur, which rushes down to the valley near Mützenich with the temperament of a mountain stream. Finally, the meter-high hedges in the villages of Höfen, Mützenich, Kalterherberg, Eicherscheid, which are close to the Venn and characterize the townscape, offer a local specialty for the visitor. The hedges serve as protection against the icy winds and form valuable habitats for plants and animals

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