Lebensbaumkirche Manderscheid

Lebensbaumkirche Manderscheid


The Catholic church in Manderscheid could probably tell many stories about the last centuries. It was first mentioned in 1330. Due to many fires and bombings, it had to be rebuilt and redesigned again and again, most recently in 1967/1968.

It is called the Tree of Life Church because a tree of life in the form of a column grows from the baptismal font, which is located in the crypt. The column was designed by the Cologne artist Toni Zens. The tree of life pierces the ceiling and grows into the choir room of the church. A special feature of the church is the altar table, which provides an unobstructed view of the tabernacle. The altar slab was decorated with fruits and leaf patterns.

In the vestibule of the main entrance, it is noticeable that the windows are colourful and vividly designed. They are meant to remind us of the town of Manderscheid and the countryside. The handrail in the shape of a snake, which is supposed to represent the perilous path of man's life, artfully embellishes the stairway.

The simple hall church from 1720/1836 suffered severe damage from bomb blasts towards the end of the war, which also affected the statics of the church. As a result, a new building was necessary and one of the three bells had to be replaced. Thus the church got back its festive ringing, which can be heard today on church occasions.

In addition to the baptistery, there is also a meditation room in the crypt that can be used for services with small groups. As soon as one enters the market square, one's gaze is drawn to the church. A venerable building rises up, with a high folded roof crowned by a gilded pine cone. The church with its high outer walls and folded roof blends in beautifully with the cityscape. The steep tent roofs of the two church wings meet in the chancel and thus come together at the highest point of the church. The church's foundation stone, a cornerstone made of basalt, can be seen on the north-eastern outer wall. The door handles of the entrance door are designed as bronze reliefs, the main portals with a pelican and a snake, the outer entrance to the crypt with a cat's head.

The Tree of Life Church is a special gem that impresses with its high attention to detail with many religious symbolisms and metaphors.

Contact: Catholic parish office Kirchstr. 28 54534 Manderscheid Tel. +49 (0)6572 4304
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Lebensbaumkirche Manderscheid
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049) 6572 4304

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