Anyone travelling in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel should also visit the Strohn Lava Bomb. With its weight of around 120 tonnes, this huge stone sphere is a real geological feature of impressive dimensions: When you stand next to the lava bomb, which is almost 5 metres in diameter and just as high, you get an impressive idea of how volcanism raged in the Eifel.
However, the lava bomb was never hurled through the area in this form during an explosion - it was probably because parts of the crater wall came loose, fell back into the volcanic vent and thus into the glowing magma. In the process, hot lava got stuck on the fragments of the crater wall, and the sphere was transported upwards again during another eruption. This process was repeated several times, so that the sphere grew into a "lava bomb".

In addition, the Strohn Lava Bomb is the entrance gate to the beautiful "Strohn Switzerland", a small idyll where unspoilt, original nature unfolds in a special way around the wild Alfbach stream. A detour is definitely recommended!
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