Ehemalige Kurfürstliche Abtei Prüm

Ehemalige Kurfürstliche Abtei Prüm


The former Princely Abbey of Prüm

The later Princely Abbey of Prüm in Prüm (Eifel-Ardennes) was founded in 721 by Bertrada the Elder, the great-grandmother of Charlemagne. In 752, Charlemagne's parents, Pippin the Younger and his wife Bertrada the Younger, occupied the abbey with monks of the Benedictine order and re-founded it as a house monastery of the Carolingians. The abbey was always closely connected with the Carolingian family and enjoyed their special favor. After his abdication as emperor, Lothar I spent the last days of his life in Prüm and was buried in the Prüm Abbey Church. Prüm Abbey is a protected cultural monument under the Monument Protection Act (DSchG) and is listed in the monument list of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is located in Prüm in the monument zone of the Catholic parish church of St. Salvator and former monastery.[3] Furthermore, it is a protected cultural asset under the Hague Convention and is marked with the blue and white protective symbol. The former abbey is currently being completely renovated and will once again serve as a high school building.

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Tourist-Information Prümer Land
Hahnplatz 1
54595 Prüm
Phone: (0049) 6551 505
Fax: (0049) 6551 7640

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