Irsental - Tal der Schmetterlinge

Irsental - Tal der Schmetterlinge


The Valley of Butterflies - In the Irsental, the naturally flowing water with adjacent meadows, rock ecosystems and Niederwald areas intertwine in an ideal way. It is the habitat of a species-rich flora and fauna with wild orchids, amphibians and reptiles and almost 80 bird species. The variety of insects is overwhelming: at least 1000 beetle species and over 400 skin and double wing species. The large butterflies with 544 species were recorded almost completely, a third of which are on the Red List of Rhineland-Palatinate! The vernacular therefore also speaks of the “Valley of 1000 Butterflies”.

There are numerous circular hiking opportunities in Irsental and the "Valley of the Butterflies". Either from the parking lot at the entrance to Park Irsental (near the campsite, at the refuge) follow the signs for the designated Nordic Walking laps, follow the nature park circular routes No. 4 (14.2 km) or No. 34 (8.9 km). Or you can put together your own tour - maps are available from the tourist information in Arzfeld.

We have prepared a small scavenger hunt for the younger visitors. With the GPS device, which can be borrowed from the Arzfeld Tourist Information Office, you can go on a treasure hunt. On this short hike Benni Biber accompanies the kids to about 13 kilometers where they ask questions or have smaller tasks solved.

mehr lesen pdf: Faltblatt "Wandertouren im Irsental"

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The Irsental is freely accessible.




Wanderparkplatz Irsental
B 410
54689 Irrhausen
Phone: (0049) 6550 974 190

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