Hofladen Vulkanhof Gillenfeld

Hofladen Vulkanhof Gillenfeld


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In Gillenfeld , on the beautiful Pulvermaar and right in the heart of the rugged landscape of the Eifel, the goat cheese is Vulkanhof . Our family was one of the best cheese of all Germany excellent ( 'The Gourmet') and is valued for quality and fine goat cheese products all over the world.

The Vulkanhof existed since 1961. Inge Thommes-Burbach has him in 1985 as a pure adopted cow dairy farm of your parents. In 1995 he was completely on goats with a connected cheese changed. And thus one for the Eifel really unusual set agriculture - with success . Here we give you a detailed insight into our life and our work .

Discover why our goat cheese is so special and how we produce traditional handicrafts, patience, care and the best ingredients our unique products.

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Vulkanhof Ziegenkäserei
Vulkanstraße 29
54558 Gillenfeld
Phone: (0049) 6573 9148
Fax: (0049) 6573 996416

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