Evangelische Kirche Mendig

Evangelische Kirche Mendig


History of the Prestant Christians in Mendig

The history of the Protestant Christians in Mendig began relatively late, in 1828 there were only two.
The 19th century was the heyday of Mendig's breweries, with whose workers also increasingly Protestant Christians came to Niedermendig. A particularly large number of employees in the brewery of the Herrnhuther Brethren, originally from Neuwied, were Protestant.
For their steadily increasing number, the Protestant pastor of Mayen held the monthly service on Sunday afternoons from around 1857 in the home of a brewmaster.
When the brewery built a new brewery building in 1862, at the suggestion of Pastor Bechtel, a room for the services was built in, in which the evangelical pastor from Mayen held services every 14 days on Sunday afternoons until May 1892.
The arrival of many Protestant brewery employees around the middle of the 19th century required the construction of the church in Heidenstockstrasse by the Niedermendiger master builder Laubenthal around 1850.
The result is a remarkably beautiful building made of Niedermendiger basalt. With the document of September 16-25, 1893, the evangelical parish of Niedermendig was founded, which, however, still had to share a pastoral position with the evangelical parish of Mayen.
It was not until the summer of 1961 that the association with the Mayen parish was broken and on September 24, 1961, pastor Hermann Dungs became the pastor of the Evangelicals.
Parish of Niedermendig introduced into office. In 1974 the parish hall was built and ceremonially inaugurated. When Pastor H. Dungs suddenly died at Christmas 1976 at the age of only 46, the pastor's position remained vacant for over a year.
On April 1, 1978 Pastor Manfred Drumm took over the vacancy. With the support of the presbytery - especially the longtime church master Ms. Melitta Andrijaitis - he decisively shaped the orientation of the Evangelical Church Community Mendig.
When Pastor Manfred Drumm retires in 2006, Pastor Martin Lipsch takes office.

Pastor André Beetschen has been with the Evangelical Church in Mendig since June 1st, 2012.

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Evangelische Kirchengemeinde
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