Elfengrotte (Käsegrotte)

Elfengrotte (Käsegrotte)

Bad Bertrich

The enchanted Elfengrotte near Bad Bertrich is a popular destination especially for little GesundLand visitors, because here fabulous fairy tales come to life before your inner eye. Sink for a moment into legendary stories and old legends when you visit the small cave. The cave is located directly on the "HeimatSpur Spazierweg Elfengrotte", which is 2.4 km long and can be easily mastered even by children. Right next door, the Elbesbach waterfall plunges into the depths with a roar. This place owes its nickname "Käsegrotte" to the shape of its stones, which resemble round cheese wheels. The cave was formed many thousands of years ago, when glowing hot basalt lava flowed from the high volcanoes into the Üssbach valley and created a unique landscape there. As it cooled, the basalt lava solidified into columns in which horizontal stress cracks developed. Weathering over the centuries created the shape of stacked cheese wheels, which give the Elfengrotte its special appearance.

You can visit the Elfengrotte along these walking trails:
- HeimatSpur walking trail Elfengrotte
- HeimatSpur adventure trail Knight-Robber-Roman
- HeimatSpur In the footsteps of the Moselle gang.

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Bad Bertrich


Elfengrotte/Käsegrotte Bad Bertrich
Kurfürstenstraße 1
56864 Bad Bertrich
Phone: (0049) 2674-932222

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