Burg Kommern

Burg Kommern


The Arenbergs gained prestige and wealth through iron extraction and processing, as well as through clever marriage plans, as well as through political and military activities. The castle is a nested building complex behind an elaborate courtyard façade with a farm yard in front of it, surrounded by a magnificent landscape park. The oldest part is the quarry stone residential tower of 4 storeys on the slope. In the 16th century, the tower was extended by a building to the south. Further additions in 1753 and 1807. In 1884 a further reconstruction took place: The façade was built in the style of the French. Early Baroque designed. The castle received a castle-like character with sheds, stables, utility rooms and greenhouse.

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  • From November 26th to November 26th




Burg Kommern
53894 Mech.-Kommern


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