Vulkania Heilquelle

Vulkania Heilquelle


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Not far from the Nürburg Spring, the Vulkania Spring emerges from a large monolith. The spring water is characterised by a high level of mineralisation and a wide range of healing properties. With 1.4 litres per minute and a water temperature of 13°C, it bubbles out of the earth as a sodium-alkaline-hydrogen carbonate "Säuerling" (acidulous water).
The company ,,Nürburg Quelle Hermann Kreuter GmbH" has tapped several strong mineral springs within the Maar basin of the "Dreiser Weiher" by drilling. The roots of the name "Dreis" can be found in the term "triusan", an Old High German word for "to bubble, to trickle". The most important springs include the Nürburg spring, which gives its name, and the Vulkania healing spring.

A few steps away from the spring there is a chapel that invites you to linger a little longer. On your route along the German Volcano Road, stop for a little refreshment. Also feel free to fill up on water for drinking cures.

Further information can be found in the brochure: "Dreese - Mineralwasser- und Kohlensäurequellen der Vulkaneifel".




Vulkania Heilquelle
Hillesheimer Str.
54552 Dreis-Brück
Phone: (0049)6592 951370

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