Festspiel Exxtra - Wenn Kishon und Kästner im Busch stehen, sieht Tucholsky Roth

Festspiel Exxtra - Wenn Kishon und Kästner im Busch stehen, sieht Tucholsky Roth

Aug 2, 2024


When Kishon and Kästner stand in the bush, Tucholsky sees Roth Peter Nüesch reads his favorite authors

Nüesch has dedicated an evening-long program to each of them over the last five decades. They all have their say, the great names of comedic writers such as Erich Kästner, Kurt Tucholsky, Ephraim Kishon, Walter Mehring or Eugen Roth, the theater man's absolute favorite, because he looks people in the mouth, in the heart and at human weaknesses like no other, and aims for the punch line with disarming accuracy. Every single one of these unforgotten writers provides a thoroughbred actor like the Swiss-born actor with a perfect opportunity for a highly amusing and at the same time dramatic, theatrical performance with wit and depth. In a matter of seconds, Nüesch transforms himself into children, ladies, spinsters, hysterics, cholerics, bores, hypocrites, fathers and mothers and throws around the human characteristics, weaknesses and supposed strengths of the characters. The stage and the audience's diaphragm tremble.

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  • Only at August 2, 2024
    At 20:00


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