Festspiel Exxtra - Eifel-Poesie

Festspiel Exxtra - Eifel-Poesie

Aug 1, 2024


Eifel poetry And in three languages: High German, dialect and music

Michael Lohr was born and grew up in Ettringen. His enthusiasm for the multi-layered creativity of the Beatles led him to the guitar and then to the special art of turning the six strings into a portable orchestra. At the same time, the newly founded big band at the Mayen grammar school sparked his interest in jazz. It is not only the rhythms and sound language of jazz that now inspire him: with swing, blues, soul, samba, bossa nova, salsa, reggae, African dance music and folk music from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the USA, he also wants to bring the special spirit of the Eifel, its people, its lakes and streams, forests, meadows and hills to life in a contemporary way, from gnarled to meditative, from sensitive and lyrical to comical. Whether his own songs in High German or Eifel dialect or jazz standards, amazingly faithful to the original and translated into the Eifel dialect with wit and charm - sophisticated song texts and equally sophisticated (guitar) accompaniments always breathe new life into each other. And what he cannot say in words, he expresses in multi-layered instrumentals - from dreamy to exuberant.

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Stadtverwaltung Mayen
56727 Mayen


Burgfestspiele Mayen
Stadtverwaltung Mayen
56727 Mayen

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