Blick auf Monschau auf der Etappe 2 des Eifelsteigs, © Naturpark Nordeifel

Eifelsteig stage 02


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The second Eifelsteig stage runs from Roetgen via Belgium to the clothmakers’ town of Monschau
Right at the beginning of the stage, you enter an exciting border region. You start your hike and, in Roetgen, cross the railway line of the old Vennbahn, which is in Belgium. After that, you are back in Germany. Or to be more accurate, in a German enclave - because Belgium completely surrounds this part of Roetgen. You continue to hop over and back between Germany and Belgium along this stage. But the state border is no longer obvious - only the changing Eifelsteig markings make it visible. In Germany, the Eifelsteig logo shows you the way, in Belgium it’s green and yellow beams. For the people here, the constant back and forth between countries is entirely normal - perhaps that is why they are also so open and well-balanced. 
You pass the Reinartzhof ruins and learn a little about their history along the way. Your hike then continues along a straight path through the mystical Hohe Venn - this upland moor is an enormous water reservoir. The raw, unspoilt landscape will stimulate your imagination - what might have sunk into this moor? And what are the crucifixes at various points in Venn for? Most of them are in fact memorials to fateful events. 
Admittedly, there are more exciting sections along the trail, but you won’t mind allowing nature to be protected. In addition to this, the risk of fire increases in summer in Venn and you are safer here. You take it in your stride and carry on, because it also has a positive side effect: there is enough room to walk side by side and chat as you go. 
A reward awaits you at the end of this section: you reach the highest point along the Eifelsteig at 658 metres! The “Steling” Eifel view gives you a far-reaching view of the Eifel.
By now you really have earned a break! At Kaiser Karls Bettstatt (Charlemagne’s Bed), you can relax imperially on a big rock. According to legend, the Emperor Charlemagne found refuge here and spent the night.
Having recharged your batteries, it’s on to the destination for this stage: the clothmakers’ town of Monschau. Romantic timber-framed houses welcome you to the historic old town. Allow yourself to relax and succumb to the delights of the little cafés and restaurants. "Monschauer Dütchen” are a speciality here - definitely something for those with a sweet tooth. There is even a mustard mill (and mustard restaurant) as well as a coffee roasting house here. The magic of Monschau will cast its spell and you will think back on your hike with pleasure.

Marking of the tour:

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More information about this route

Start: Roetgen

Destination: Monschau

Distance: 17 km

Duration: 04:30 h

Difficulty: intermediate

Tour-type: Hiking

Ascent: 373 m

Descent: 384 m

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