The High Fens
Blick ins Hohe Venn am Signal de Botrange, ©

The High Fens


It is one of the oldest nature reserves in Belgium, and with an area of 4,500 hectares, it is also the largest. Rare types of plant can be preserved and protected, and animals such as the black grouse and wild cat can find refuge here. Deep valleys cut through into the western slope of the Hohes Venn.

The highland moor, which acts as a natural water reservoir, is the source of half a dozen rivers, including the Rur, Olef, Warche, Schwalm and Our.
There are historic towns situated along the rivers, such as St. Vith, the clothmakers’ town of Eupen, and Malmedy, which is known for its leather and paper industries. The highest point in Belgium is also in the Hohes Venn: the Signal Botrange (694 m).

The impressive natural beauty of the Hohes Venn is best discovered on a hike or leisurely walk. To help visitors on foot, paths and wooden walkways have been built through the highland moor. However, in order to protect the unique flora and fauna, access is regulated, and divided into three zones. Some zones are only accessible when accompanied by a certified nature guide.

The nature park centre in Botrange is the best point from which to start your trip in the Hohes Venn, containing information about the development of the fenland landscape and offering regular guided tours.

Note on accessibility:
Access to the Hohes Venn is divided into three zones:

  • B zones: these are open to everyone, but only along specially created paths and when certain rules are observed.
  • C zones: here, entry is only permitted when accompanied by a nature guide.
  • D zones: access by the general public is strictly prohibited.

Access may also be limited by the current weather conditions (fire hazard) or other circumstances.
Dogs are not permitted in the nature reserve, although they may be taken on selected routes on a lead.

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Route de Botrange 131
4950 Waimes


Tourismusagentur Ostbelgien
Haupstr. 54
4780 Sankt Vith
Phone: +32 80 22 76 64

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