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EifelSpur Wasser für Köln


Where the Romans found water – Water for Cologne Eifel Trail

On the whole, Roman architecture is known for its progressive ingenuity – as is the way the ancient Romans secured their water supply. That’s what the Eifel Trail Water for Cologne is all about, clearly illustrating how Cologne was supplied with water from Eifel in Roman times. A Roman aqueduct, ancient springs and reservoirs dot the fascinating route.

The changing landscape along the approximately 17-kilometre hike is particularly inviting. Quiet valley streams, rugged heights, verdant forests and panoramic views combine to create a day hike with plenty of variety.

Side track: The hike is classified as moderate difficulty and requires a basic level of fitness.

Trail overview

The circular trail begins and ends at the Café zur Kakushöhle in Mechernich, which is also a wonderful place to stop off before or after the hike. The town is also home to the Kakus cave in the Kakus cliffs – a major prehistoric archaeological site in Europe, and the visitor attraction that gave the café its name. The rocks are estimated to be a spectacular 300,000 years old and the cave is free to visit.

From the Kakus cliffs, the hike passes through dense forest, vast fields and stunning meadows. After around two-and-a-half kilometres, you’ve already reached the highest point of the hike. On the way back down, you pass through more forest and the village of Urfey. The route goes uphill, downhill and past the Klausbrunnen spring box. After sections with stunning views, the hike continues to Vussem and Eiserfrey and returns to where it began at the Kakus cave.

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Along the route


Kakushöhle, am Eingang, © Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH, Paul Meixner
Traces of settlement at the prehistoric Kakushöhle between Eiserfey and Weyer date back to 80,000 BC.                                                                  Hunter-gatherer groups of the Neanderthals left behind numerous stone implements of the Middle Palaeolithic epochs and animal bones. Details ansehen

Café Land-Genuss

Gastro, © Nordeifel TOurismus GmbH
You don't have to be hungry or thirsty when visiting kakushöhle. A wooden hut for self-service with regional products is available all day. Details ansehen
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More information about this route

Start: Cafe zur Kakushöhle: Kakusstraße 1, 53894 Mechernich

Destination: Cafe zur Kakushöhle: Kakusstraße 1, 53894 Mechernich

Distance: 16.9 km

Duration: 5:0 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 388 m

Descent: 388 m

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