Walderlebnisparcour "Kölschkier"

Walderlebnisparcour "Kölschkier"


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Forest adventure trail Kölschkier - Out and about with little climbers and outdoor fans When we arrive at the "Gut Heistert" hiking car park in Kalterherberg, our little climbers look skeptically at the beautiful information board about the protected plants and animals in the Perlbachtal, because there is no talk of forest adventure and climbing fun here. But soon we find the first sign for the “forest adventure course” and while we are still enjoying the view of the idyllic Perlbachtal, our children are moving towards the “Kölschkier”. While we first notice the covered picnic area, the children immediately rush to the “spider web climbing bar” and the “fox tunnel”. After the first climbing tours have been successful, all of our attention is now directed to the information about nature and the animal world on display boards and sensory elements. We learn how the woodpecker looks for a bride with a tree trunk telephone and in the animal long jump we directly compare how far we jump. Another attraction is the forest floor spider web, from which one can watch the small animals lying down on the forest floor without disturbing them. We are quite surprised by the many forest noises that we can hear through the horns when we are very quiet ourselves. Finally, our little outdoor fans walk the balancing course, barefoot of course, and we are glad that we have packed a towel just in case. On the way back we think about how we can recreate our own pole tipi in the garden. Before heading home, we make a detour to the national park gate in Höfen. After a snack in the adjacent “Alte Molkerei” bistro, we visit the National Park gate. Every now and then we have to help a little with the goalscorer quiz. Our “goal hunters” like the film about the wildcat best. As a souvenir of a nice trip, we buy an animal key ring in the souvenir shop. Then it's home.

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Walderlebnisparcour "Kölschkier"
52156 Monschau-Höfen
Phone: (0049) 2472909818


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