Kölschkier forest adventure course

Kölschkier forest adventure course


Movement and play on the Kölschkier forest adventure course
The Kölschkier forest adventure course in the Perlenbach Valley is an adventure play-ground for real outdoor enthusiasts and an ideal day out for the whole family in the Eifel. Kids and grown-ups alike can explore the forest habitat with all their senses at the nine different stations of the course. The adventure course is a playful way to spark educational learning processes, teaching visitors how to treat the natural world.

In harmony with nature
When the course was built, great care was taken to ensure that only natural materials were used. ‘Artificial’ components were reduced to the bare minimum. In addition, no concrete or treated materials were used at all. The wood gradually weathers away and the stones sink into the soil. Just as the surrounding natural world lives and moves, the forest course also changes over time – and so it should. Any intervening work is car-ried out gradually, in order to maintain safety standards as well as quality of play.

A balancing act
The forest course consists of the following nine stations: tree trunk seesaw, animal long jump, spider web climbing beam, balancing course, tree trunk telephone, fox tun-nel, forest floor spider web, listening funnel and logpile lounger. Explorers of all ages can learn, through play, how a fox feels in its den, how birds communicate and how far deer can really jump. In order to keep the surrounding natural environment as in-tact as possible, the various elements of the course are connected with stones or tree trunks. The aim is to avoid touching the forest floor. The forest adventure course also includes another, separate game, with seven golden pine cones hidden at various points along the route. Whoever is first to walk the balancing course and collect all the pine cones is the winner!

An extra tip: Wind and weather permitting, you can (and should!) also try conquering the forest adventure trail barefoot. This really heightens the experience, since the nat-ural surfaces are much easier to feel with bare feet.

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Walderlebnisparcour "Kölschkier"
52156 Monschau-Höfen
Phone: (0049) 2472 80480

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