Growing waterfall Dreimühlen

Growing waterfall Dreimühlen


Access to the waterfall is at your own risk, it is not possible to take prams etc. with you.

The Dreimühlen waterfall is probably the most interesting waterfall in the Eifel.

It was formed from the limestone deposits of three carbonate spring tributaries of the Ahbach. When the railway line was built in 1912 between Dümpelfeld/Ahr and Jünkerath, the three headwaters were combined and diverted. Since then, the water flows over the edge of the terrain, the carbonate-rich water releases carbon dioxide at the splash edge and the remaining calcium carbonate encrusts the colonising moss. Such carbonate deposits are called carbonate sintered rocks. Since the construction of the (now disused) railway line, the waterfall has thus grown over 12 metres.

Due to the constant deposition, the sinter bank "grows" further and further forward into the valley (about 10 cm per year), hence the name "growing waterfall"!

Because of its uniqueness, the Dreimühlen waterfall has been declared a natural monument.

The Eifelsteig long-distance hiking trail and the Kalkeifel cycle path lead past the waterfall.

Directions: Nohner Mühle, 54578 Nohn
Distance to car park: 1,500 m

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Wachsender Wasserfall Dreimühlen
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54578 Nohn
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