Gerolsteiner Dolomiten


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Around 380 million years ago there was a warm, subtropical flat sea in which mighty reefs from stromatopores - relatives of the sponges - and corals formed. After dolomitisation, sinking and folding of rocks the Devonian deposits were lifted out again. The today's Gerolsteiner Dolomites raise.

The rocks "Hustley", "Munterley", "Drohende Ley", "Große Kanzel" and "Auberg" dominate the skyline from Gerolstein. The most famous peak in the Gerolstein Dolomites is the "Munterley" - with a height of 482 meters.




Ferienregion Gerolsteiner Land
Bahnhofstraße 4/ Reisezentrum
54568 Gerolstein
Phone: (0049) 6591 13 3100
Fax: (0049) 6591 13 9300

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