Steinbruch Platten

Steinbruch Platten


The production line in plates includes a sword washing, a screening plant and two crushers. With this production line Kies Bandemer creates the plant internal production line of 0-22 mm. In addition, screed sand 0-4 mm, mixed gravel 0-16 mm / 0-22 mm, cover sand 0-1 mm, plaster and masonry sand, boulders are offered in all Mosel plants.

For KIES-BANDEMER, renaturation means: creating habitats, preserving nature and shaping the environment. In the spirit of this claim, Kies-Bandemer has been recultivating finished quarrying areas for decades in cooperation with the respective communities, responsible authorities and agencies. Recultivation begins during the extraction process so that all areas are promptly available again for agricultural use or for nature. Forests, agricultural areas, biotopes and recreational areas are created from the areas selected for mining.

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  • From January 1st to December 31st
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Steinbruch Platten

54518 Platten
Phone: (0049) 6535 7445

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