Stadttore und -türme

Stadttore und -türme


On the Habsburgring there is still the Upper Gate, a part of the medieval city fortification. The basement of the monumetal quadrangular gate tower was built at the beginning of the 14th century. In the 15th century it was extended to its present total height of 34 meters. Today it is possible to get married there. The Wittbender Gate was very similar to the Upper Gate, unfortunately only the southern abutment is preserved. At the bridge gate a stone bridge with a double arch leads over the Nette and the Mühlenbach. The bridge and gate were built in the 14th century. Unlike the other three gates, the bridge gate is wide and low. To protect the mills, the mill tower and the bird tower belonged as parts of the town fortification. Both towers are identical in construction and were built in the 14th century directly opposite the mills. The towers have a circular ground plan and the upper floors above the round arched frieze (one in the case of the Mill Tower, two in the case of the Bird Tower) stand out quite sharply from the substructure. Both towers survived the 2nd World War unscathed.

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