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The town museum invites you on an exciting journey through the history of Euskirchen. With numerous exhibits such as legionary helmets, motorbikes or cinema chairs, the town's history comes alive. The historic town wall is integrated into the rooms of the museum in the Kulturhof and is partly visible.

The museum is thus located directly between the old and new towns of Euskirchen. The starting point of the permanent exhibition is the town model, which shows the town before the beginning of industrialisation in the 19th century. The museum's permanent exhibition provides information on Euskirchen and its districts and presents historical developments from Roman times to the present. In the exhibition area "Heimat-Stadt-Euskirchen", contemporary witnesses and exciting historical photos and objects tell of Euskirchen's eventful history in the 20th century. Numerous media stations offer the best listening and viewing pleasure! Immerse yourself in Euskirchen's past and present as you stroll through the town museum. The museum regularly organises special exhibitions on topics from the fields of art, culture and local history.




Stadtbibliothek Euskirchen
Wilhelmstraße 32-34
53879 Euskirchen
Phone: (0049) 02251 6507450

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