St. Genovefa

St. Genovefa


Parish Church of St. Genovefa, Obermendig

The parish of St. Genovefa surrounds Obermendig, the upper part of the city, which was first mentioned in 1041.

Celtic and Roman grave finds show that, however, as early as the 2nd century BC and in the first centuries AD the area around Mendig was populated. Obermendig and its parish are mentioned in documents and deeds from the Florin Foundation in Koblenz, the Dünnwald Monastery near Cologne and the Maria Laach Abbey, as they all had properties in Obermendig.
In 1365 the construction of a three-aisled hall church began, which was consecrated to St. Genovefa and St. Lawrence.
Our parish of St. Genovefa is the only parish in Germany whose parish patron is St. Genovefa of Paris.
A relic of this saint is kept in the oldest dated field and spoon cross in the area.

This cross from 1462 now adorns the aisle of our church.
In 1879, the church was expanded according to plans by Professor Friedrich von Schmidt, the architect of the Vienna City Hall and St. Stephen's Cathedral. This late Gothic church still shines far over the town today.
Further renovations inside the church and outside took place in 1962 and 1977.
Since then, a carillon has been sounding in the tower three times a day.
In addition to secular and ecclesiastical songs, you can also hear the Genovefa song

We invite you to visit our church, be it in the service or just like that.
You will be fascinated by the beauty of our house of God.

There is a lot to discover inside:
Engido Weinert's Stations of the Cross, the wall paintings, the Peace Chapel with the names of all fallen Obermendigers, the Marien Altar, the gilded high altar, the beautifully carved pulpit.
Our church is built of stones, but our parish consists of many living stones, of people who work for this church, who celebrate Holy Mass together, who warmly greet their baptized in the church, who live an active parish life shape.
The parish council is supported in this task by the many church associations and groups: the cath. Women's community, the altar boys, the church choir, the friends' association, the Catholic youth, the St. Sebastianus rifle brotherhood and the St. Genovefa day care center.

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Kirche St. Genovefa
Fallerstraße 1
56743 Obermendig

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