Kapelle St. Anna in Hausten-Morswiesen


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The St. Anna Chapel is located in the idyllic Eifel village of Hausten-Morswiesen (Hauptstrasse 10) and belongs to the parish of St. Barbara in Weibern. The chapel, first mentioned in 1671, is consecrated to Saint Anne, the mother of Mary. The altarpiece in the chapel dates from the first half of the 17th century and depicts the apostle Simon (with the saw) and the apostle Judas. The coats of arms of von Schmittburg and Waldbott von Bassenheim can also be seen on the altar. Next to the entrance of the St. Anna Chapel is a cross made of basalt lava with a body and three angels - holding a chalice - from 1668. Next to it is a rest stone with a baluster shaft, also made of basalt stone.




St. Anna Kapelle
Hauptstraße 10
56729 Hausten-Morswiesen
Phone: (0049) 02651800995

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