Spiel Golf / Swin Golf

Spiel Golf / Swin Golf


Swin Golf
Discover the new leisure fun for the whole family. Swin Golf is an invention from France, derived from ancient peasant games. The aim of the game is to use a racket to push a ball across the fairway into a hole with as few strokes as possible.

Swin Golf is very similar to traditional golf, but offers a number of advantages:

- You can play immediately without a learning phase
- You play with a universal racket
- The balls are bigger, softer and safer
- Club membership and handicap not required

A round goes over 18 fairways with lengths of 75 - 210 m, takes between 1.5 and 3 hours and can be interrupted at any time for a refreshment.
Rackets and balls can be borrowed on site for a small deposit and you can play in comfortable casual clothing.
From 8 to 88 everyone can take part who enjoys being in the fresh air in nature. Swin Golf is popular with families, day trippers, businesses, school classes and everyone who wants to spend a nice day doing sports, games and socializing
The day ticket costs € 10.00

Game of golf
It was our goal to have an offer ready for every visitor to the Maarhof who would like to be active in our beautiful nature and in the fresh air. The Swin Golf course with its beautiful but sporty challenging location can no longer or not yet be mastered by some seniors and smaller children.

We have therefore created a game golf course with 18 fairways with individual lengths of 8 and 18 m on an area of 1200 square meters.

The game of golf is a further development of mini golf with the difference that the courses are individually designed, with slopes and inclines.
The lanes are laid out with artificial turf and the player stands on the respective fairway. Ideal for children's birthdays and family celebrations.
Golfers can practice their putting with their own putter and original golf balls. The place is covered and can be used in rainy weather.

For a round over 18 holes, adults pay € 5.00 and children up to 14 years pay € 2.50. A family card for up to 4 people costs € 10.00.

Indoor golf
From now on, golfers and everyone who wants to become one can play on the most beautiful and legendary golf courses in the world 362 days a year, regardless of the weather and season. With high definition image quality, the highest level of realism is achieved on a projection surface with a screen diagonal of 4.8 m.
With standard clubs and original golf balls 20 golf courses like Pebble Beach - California, Banff - Springs - Canada and Harbor Town - South Carolina can be played. A precise swing and ball flight analysis helps the player to optimize his training.

Different driving ranges, chipp & pitch, nearest to the pin are available for training. The strokes are automatically counted.
One hour of play on the simulator costs € 20.00 and a 10 - class card costs € 150.00.

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