Segeln & Surfen am Campingplatz Laacher See

Segeln & Surfen am Campingplatz Laacher See

Maria Laach

The Laacher See between Mayen and Andernach is the largest lake in Rhineland-Palatinate.

It is of volcanic origin and lies in an idyllic valley in the northern part of the state, with the famous Maria Laach Abbey on its banks.
With its impressive water surface of approx. 330 ha and its depth of approx. 55 meters, the lake offers water sports enthusiasts all possibilities for active leisure activities.

The water sports season at Laacher See lasts from April 1st to September 30th.

Since the water and the surrounding landscape are a nature reserve, the use of motor boats and cabin boats is prohibited.
The number of motor-free boats on the lake is also limited.
The boat rental for pedal boats and rowing boats can be reached via the parking lot of the Maria Laach Abbey.
With your own boats you can only start into the cool water from the campsite. Because of the valley location, there is usually a weaker wind in summer, but stronger winds attract numerous sailors and surfers in spring and autumn.
The conditions are ideal with south-westerly winds, but Laacher See is also very popular with westerly to north-westerly winds.
Own surfboards can only be launched from the campsite.
Nearby is the club area of the sailing club Laacher See Mayen (SCLM), which organizes numerous regattas on the lake during the season.
There is a DLRG station on the campsite, but outside the bathing season it is only manned on weekends.
With a permit from the district government in Koblenz, divers can go on an underwater tour from there.
Special VDST events also enable those interested to dive in Lake Laacher on certain days.
Anglers can reach the lake via a separate path that leads to the water to the right of the abbey car park.
The best prospect of a big catch - maybe even the specialty of the Laacher See, the Feltchen - is from a fishing boat, as fishing from the shore is only partially suitable.
Before you try your luck, however, you have to get a fishing license from the monastery.

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Maria Laach


Segelclub Laacher See Mayen (SCLM)
c/o Achaz von der Schulenburg
53424 Remagen-Oberwinter

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Laacher See mit Abtei Maria Laach, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

Laacher See

With around 3.3 km² and a depth of 53 m, Laacher See is the largest lake in Rhineland-Palatinate. The area around the lake has been a nature reserve for almost 80 years. The last eruption of the former “Laacher volcano” occurred around 10,930 BC. B.C., about 13,000 years ago. Traces of volcanic activity can still be found in the form of volcanic outgassing, the so-called mofettes, on the eastern shore of the lake. The total ejection quantity of the outbreak at that time was about 16 km³. The eruption was one and a half times as strong as that of Pinatubo in 1991, or 6 times as strong as the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. Although Laacher See is widely regarded as the largest maar in the Vulkaneifel, it is scientifically not a maar and also not a real crater lake, but a water-filled caldera - a burglary crater that resulted from a collapse after the magma chamber was emptied below the volcanic cone. The volcanic mountain collapses and only the ring bead on the outer edge remains. Over time, the remaining boiler fills up with water. The Laacher See is in the Eifel, next to the neighboring Wehrer Kessel, the largest caldera and the only water-filled one in Central Europe.