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The Lydia tower is a 23 meter high observation tower on the Veitskopf near Wassenach.

The first wooden observation tower was opened on August 19, 1896 by the Brohltal group of the Eifelverein to provide a panoramic view of the Laacher See, the Brohl valley and the Siebengebirge.
The tower was named Lydia after the wife of the Eifelverein founder Dr. Hans Andreae, who was particularly committed to the construction of the tower. This tower existed until 1925 and then had to be closed because it was dilapidated.

After enough donations were collected, a 16 meter high observation tower made of lava stone was built, which was opened on July 10, 1927.
During the Second World War, the tower served both German and Allied troops for reconnaissance and was in some cases considerably damaged.

An elevation of the tower by 7 meters by means of a wooden attachment became necessary in 1986 because the surrounding trees had grown tall and exceeded the old tower.




56653 Wassenach

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