Schalkenmehrener Maar


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The Schalkenmehren maars are lined up along a fissure running SE to NW. About 20,000 to 30,000 years ago they erupted: ones one by one: the dry maar, the low-moor bog, then the water-filled maar, probably a double maar.The fissure which allowed the magma to rise up, breaches numerous Lower Devonian strata. Some are abundant in fossils, such as the Eckfeld layers named after the homonymous maar. Schalkenmehrener Doppelmaar Coordinates: 50°10´10´´ N 06°51´29´´ E Elevation: 422 m (AMSL) Cone diameter: 1.100 m Cone depth: 90 m Lake diameter: 554 m N-S, 502 m W-E Lake depth: 21 m Schalkenmehrener Flachmoor Coordinates: 50°10´13´´ N 06°51´51´´ E Elevation: 423 m (AMSL) Cone diameter: 600 m Cone depth: 40 m Bog diameter: 168 m N-S, 377 m W-E Schalkenmehrener Trockenmaar Coordinates: 50°10´27´´ N 06°51´46´´ E Elevation: 459 m (AMSL) Cone diameter: 500 m Cone depth: 70 m




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