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Weightless over the Eifel National Park and Lake Rursee

When the airy giant takes off, it rises gently, wherever the wind carries the hot-air-filled envelope. A balloon ride is like a journey from a bird's eye view. What looks big at the bottom seems rather small from above.

It is a wonderful feeling to simply float away from things and feel the fresh air and liveliness. And it will also be romantic during the trip, because anyone who has ever flown towards a sunset in a hot-air balloon will certainly not forget these landscape images. Whether in a convivial group or intimate with your own partner.

From the air, the region around the Eifel National Park with its lake landscape, idyllic villages and gently rolling hills looks different - namely more fascinating and even more beautiful. Good to know: The ticket money is secured by Rursee-Touristik GmbH and only paid to the airline after the service has been rendered.
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