Römische Eifelwasserleitung // Grüner Pütz

Römische Eifelwasserleitung // Grüner Pütz


The approximately 100-kilometre-long Eifel water pipeline from Nettersheim to Cologne is one of the largest Roman constructions this side of the Alps. It supplied Cologne, the provincial capital of Lower Germania, with fresh water from the end of the 1st to the 3rd century AD.

Walk along the Roman Canal Trail and discover the numerous testimonies of one of the most important archaeological ground monuments in Germany, such as:

- Seepage pipe and "Grüner Pütz" well in Nettersheim.
-Culvert of the Roman canal near Dalbenden
-Roman quarry near Kall
-The Klausbrunnen well near Kallmuth
-Roman reservoir in Eiserfey
-Roman water conduit near Eiserfey
-Aqueduct bridge near Vussem
-Canal master's workshop near Breitenbenden
-Excavation of the Eifel water conduit in Kreuzweingarten

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Römische Eifelwasserleitung
Grüner Pütz
53947 Nettersheim


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