Ralf Kramp - Krimibuch-Autor, Karikaturist, Verlagschef

Ralf Kramp - Krimibuch-Autor, Karikaturist, Verlagschef


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16 years ago, the KBV publishing company moved to Hillesheim - a Mecca for thrillers in whole Germany - Jacques Berndorf is the most famous author.

The heart of the Eifel Thrillers strikes in Hillesheim. The KBV publishing company of Ralf Kramp is located in the Kriminalhaus. In the Kriminalhaus is a library with approximately 30.000 crime books. Also located in the Kriminalhaus are the Café Sherlock and the bookstore of Kramp's wife Monika with a thriller corner.

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KBV Verlags- und Medien-GmbH
Am Markt 7
54576 Hillesheim
Phone: (0049) 6593 998960
Fax: (0049) 6593 99896-20

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