Quellheiligtum Heckenmünster

Quellheiligtum Heckenmünster


The springs, especially the sulphur spring known as Wallenborn, were believed to provide relief from many physical ailments, and people drank the healing water and bathed in it. Sulphur water is still used today for joint complaints and skin diseases. The spring sanctuary near Heckenmünster was abandoned after about 200 years, it is suspected that the Germanic tribes attacked it. The plant was probably not completely destroyed. In 1887 Roman walls were found by employees of the Museum Trier, it was assumed that a Roman source shrine had been located in Heckenmünster. In 1966/67 the hypothesis could be tested: Wallenborn was the centre of a Gallo-Roman source shrine which was built around this source. The core of the complex was the source area, which was enclosed by a wall. Three temples were located within an enclosure wall. Attached to this enclosure wall was a building on the southwest beach, which was probably used as a stage for a theatre for ritual games. Several buildings were attached to the temple district, such as lobbies, pilgrim accommodation and a bath. A dendrochronological investigation of an oak water channel from the middle of the complex could be dated to 129 AD. At the time of the Germanic invasions in the years 275 - 276 a decrease of finds occurred. The sanctuary of the spring was severely affected and was most likely abandoned around this time. After the cartographic survey of the site and the securing of individual finds, all exposed parts of the building were covered with earth again in order to preserve them for posterity. Today, information boards around the springs tell about the sanctuary.

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The springs and display boards are accessible all year round and can be reached by a beautiful hiking trail.




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