Ortsgemeinde Kottenheim

Ortsgemeinde Kottenheim


The municipality of Kottenheim is the second largest municipality in the municipality of Vordereifel, conveniently located in terms of transport, has a rail connection and is - with a day care center, an elementary school, a supermarket and various doctors - well positioned in terms of infrastructure.

Kottenheim, just like the surrounding communities, is characterized by volcanism. Basalt lava and tuff were mined here until the late 1980s. Therefore, many houses, especially in the village center, are built of local stone and characterize the townscape in a special way. The dream trail "Vulkanpfad" leads hikers through the unique volcanic landscape around Kottenheim and takes them on a journey back in time. The volcano park station "Kottenheimer Winfeld" is particularly worth seeing. Here, intensive stone quarrying exposed high basalt walls, which now serve as a unique climbing area for climbers from near and far.

The local community of Kottenheim is also a partner in the cooperation Mühlsteinrevier RheinEifel on the way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Numerous associations, offer new citizens, but also guests, good opportunities to organize their leisure time and to make contacts.

What "Junker Schilling" is all about can be experienced in the Kottenheim forest near the Winfeld.

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Ortsgemeinde Kottenheim

56736 Kottenheim
Phone: 00492651 43259
Fax: 00492651 496500

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