Monschauer Heckenlandschaft und Vennhöfe

Monschauer Heckenlandschaft und Vennhöfe


What would you do if wind and weather hit your house? The people in Monschau and the surrounding area had a brilliantly simple and simply brilliant idea: hedges! The ideal wind and weather catcher. Provided the hedges are wide and high enough to protect entire houses. The hedges in Monschau, Roetgen and Simmerath are. House-high beech hedges, which people created here to protect their houses generations ago. With entrances, windows, archways. One hedge is more beautiful than the other. Lovingly cared for, high and holy. A special landmark of the region and absolutely worth seeing. The houses were always at right angles to the wind direction and the weather side. And the roof was drawn low on this side. Before that one planted. The inside of the house itself was divided as follows from the weather side: first the barn, then the stables and then the living rooms with a fireplace. The entrance to the house, stables and barn entrances were always protected from the wind and weather. But best of all, just enjoy the wonderful look of these listed houses. If you like, specially prepared hiking routes are waiting for you, which will lead you past the most beautiful hedges, half-timbered houses and Vennhöfe. Another form of hedges that run through the surroundings of the villages is typical of this landscape: the cattle hedges. They fence the pastures - instead of barbed wire - and offer the animals ideal protection from the wind when the Eifel storms sweep across the country.

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Monschau-Touristik GmbH
Stadtstraße 16
52156 Monschau
Phone: (0049) 2472 80480
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